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With the use of our cause marketing services, we help our nonprofit clients to maximize their impact through corporate partnerships.

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Here’s how we can help:

In addition to connecting you with current and prospective partners, we provide a full assessment of your brand, determine goals and build a communications and marketing strategy that will positively enhance your visibility, mission, and engagement in the community.


Core offerings include:


  • Customized sponsorship packages including solicitation, onboarding and post-event
  • Philosophy and marketing of “theme” development
  • Developing social media campaigns
  • Full service event management for awareness, fundraising, and live events
  • Public relations and media management


Additional offerings can be customized based on your specific needs. Contact us today!

Small Businesses

ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNICATIONS Bringing campaigns to life, our expertise includes media relations, brand positioning, stakeholder engagement, influencer outreach, social networking and storytelling.


Core offerings include:

  • Management of corporate contribution requests and event marketing activities (to ensure maximum return on investment is achieved)
  • Producing social responsibility annual reports to communicate a company’s commitment to community relations
  • Employee engagement and activation strategies: creating initiatives around employee volunteerism and impact
  • Development of signature events (service or giving events)


Already working with a marketing firm? We welcome the opportunity to partner with other creative service agencies. With exclusively focusing on cause marketing and corporate social responsibility initiatives it allows no conflicts with existing contracts for advertising, digital, or public relations services.


If you are not affiliated with a business or nonprofit, but have a passion for promoting philanthropy and giving back, we offer customized services. Contact our marketing team today!


Core offerings include:

  • Party for a purpose signature birthday events
  • Groups or individual service initiatives
  • Nightclub promotions
Sports or Entertainment Figures

Paying it Forward

Professional athletes, entertainers, TV or radio personalities looking to use their name and influence to form a relationship with nonprofits within their communities, through the use of fundraising or awareness events, or the creation of signature events – allow Good Neighbor Marketing Group to customize the package that fits your needs. Utilize our existing relationships with nonprofits and corporates to help build your brand and reputation and become a good neighbor.